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Evil Eye Protection!

Evil Eye

As you may know The Duchess of Sussex – Meghan Markle, alongside Prince Harry are suing Associated Newspapers. Otherwise known as the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday for printing private information.

On the day of the pre-trial Meghan was seen wearing an Evil Eye necklace. It doesn’t seem coincidental that in October 2019 when they announced they’d be suing. Meghan wore the same symbol, albeit in bracelet form.

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye has been mentioned for thousands of years. It is believed to have first been documented in Ancient Greece. The iconic eyealsilism image is popular in Europe, Asia, Middle East and particularly in Turkey. Even today many still wear talismans for protection.

The Evil Eye was often reserved for those that communities were suspicious of. For example, if most people had brown eyes, then misgivings would be cast on those with blue eyes.

In some cases, the Evil Eye may work on an unconscious level – if you think about emotions or feelings you may harbour against another, like jealousy or resentment. You may covet things that others own, whether it be a relationship or possession.


In Ancient Egypt, the ‘Eye of Horus’ was worn, to stare down anyone perceived to have the ‘Evil Eye’. Sky God Horus had two different meanings for his eyes. The left symbolised ‘power of light, the right was his ‘solar’ eye. In other cases, they formed powder from the crystal ‘Lapis Lazuli’, to paint blue on to their eyes and mouths, so the Evil Eye could not infiltrate.

Wearing an Evil Eye is supposed to banish curses and harmful wishes that others may bring to you. It is also thought to block negative energy and harmful outside influences. Whilst also offering protection from misfortune and menacing looks!

Many press publications have reported that the necklace that Meghan wore was from a company called Edge of Ember. The necklace retails at £135 and is called a Visionary Charm Necklace. The company describes the jewellery as: “Inspired by vintage coins found in Asia, these modern-day talismans carry icons of good fortune. The Visionary Necklace bears a blue topaz evil eye to protects its wearer from negative vibes. It’s got your back.”