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Dowsing: A Beginners Guide


When we hear the word ‘dowsing’, I’m sure many of us conjure up an image of a person walking around a field with a twig shaped like the letter Y, looking for a source of water. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, as it is how dowsing began.

Over centuries dowsing evolved from an essential tool for finding water, to an art of divination. Unlike many psychic practises, dowsing is something that a layman can discover. You need to be able to fully tune-in with your intuition, but beyond that it is just practise.

How do you start?

You first of all need something to dowse with. You could use traditional hazel wood twigs, but a wand, dowsing rod or pendulum would work just as well. It is really about choosing something that you feel comfortable with, so it can become an extension of your intuition.

As a beginner’s tool, you may find L-shaped rods are the easiest to handle (they can even be fashioned from metal coat-hangers). You hold one in each of your hands with the long ends pointing forwards. The rods will cross, when you discover your answer.

When you are ready, calm your mind, empty your thoughts and focus on your concern/question/object – stay relaxed. Charge your dowsing tool, with your energy and vibrations and let it show you the response.

How can dowsing be used?

You may want to locate an object, perhaps a mislaid piece of jewellery, or even your car keys!

It’s not unheard of to use it to discover foods that may or may not be doing you any good.

You may want an answer to a question. Should you change job, is your partner ‘the one’, are you going to move house – and so on.

It can be a tool, when you want to decide between two different options.

Pendulum dowsing is slightly different, and is great for when ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers are required.

How does it work?

It is not entirely clear why dowsing works, but one school of thought is that we already know the answers to the questions, but the dowsing process allows us to unlock these solutions from our subconscious minds.