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Disseminating Moon

Moon Phases

Katie Holmes along with Emma Watson, Mary Berry, Julia Sawalha and Jennifer Saunders were born under a Disseminating Moon. Those born under a Disseminating Moon would be described as natural communicators. They are philosophical about life, and they love nothing better than imparting wisdom from their own experiences. They make great teachers or publicists – but they have to believe in the cause and will only pass on what they know to be the truth. They are attached to their ideals, and want to improve the lives of others. They can struggle if they are asked to compromise or if they think others have not understood or carried out their beliefs. It can take them until their 50s to feel as if their vision has been realised, at that point they will feel a great sense of achievement and be content with their lot.

A Disseminating Moon looks almost full in the sky, more than half of it will be illuminated by sunlight and the other is in shadow, it can be recognised by a ‘c’ shape in the sky. It occurs 2-5 days after a Full Moon and sometimes it is referred to as a Waning Gibbous Moon. During a Full Moon we gather up information and increase our wisdom, then in the next phase we get to share this knowledge with others.

This moon phase is a time for ending things, letting go of what is not working, cutting ties with things that are just bringing you down, just generally making a clean break of things.

Communication is high at this time and the period is known for social activities. This includes connecting with a higher power, spiritual abilities are strong during this moon phase, so take advantage – meditate, connect and receive messages…

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