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Coping with Bereavement

The path that some one travels in coping with the loss of a loved one is exactly that, a path. There will be up’s and downs, turns and cross roads. For each person the path will be unique and with it the journey, one thing to be certain of is that the path leads somewhere and that no matter how long it takes you to travel the road eventually you will arrive at your destination. Hopefully being more peaceful, calmer and in a place of pure acceptance.

Whilst we are all different, there are similarities in the stages that we go through whilst grieving, depending on the circumstances surrounding the loss. Broadly speaking these are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.

Quite often when someone passes away we feel numb and in shock, this can happen even if we knew someone’s passing was inevitable; for example following a long illness. Often anger follows this stage, for many reasons; angry that their life will no longer follow the path that they thought it would, anger at the person for leaving them and sometimes anger over what was not said or perhaps worse angry that they did not know that would be the last conversation. Bargaining is something that at one time or another in our life we all will have done. But perhaps it is most poignant at this time: asking a higher power to do something, possibly in this instance to cure someone of an illness or bring back a person to us following their death and in return we will change the way we live, give up a bad habit or make a big promise or commitment. When this does not work we can be left with an overwhelming feeling of guilt that coupled with bottling things up can lead to depression.

No matter how hard it is to go through each of the stages, dealing with things will allow us to reach the point of acceptance. This is not to say that you will forget the person or feel any less strongly about them, but that you have reached a time where you can move on with your life and remember the person fondly without it causing you so much pain.

Some people find it more difficult to deal with their emotions and in particular those surrounding death. This is where people find The Psychic Gift helps. Those that contact us are often in the middle stages; anger, bargaining and depression. Working with the medium allows them to work through these stages and find closure, they are able to release the pain and find comfort and hope in moving forward. They find peace that all is well with those that have passed on, and there is a security in being able to return to the medium and through them talk to their loved one should they need to. They feel reassured that the one they have lost is watching over them, is proud and are happy with the decisions they are making.

Coping with bereavement can be an isolating experience, most experts agree that sharing the burden and talking to specialists will allow you to not get stuck in any of the phases, and all be it on your terms and your time frame you will feel ready to face the world again and move forward in a positive manner.