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Build Strength


Whether you are an avid exerciser, or whether getting fit never quite makes it to the top of your ‘to do’ list, then one thing to try and embrace in 2020 is building strength.

The Impact of Age

Unfortunately, as we age, particularly as we near 40 years old and beyond, our muscle mass declines. Whilst this is a part of ageing for both sexes, there are things that we can do to slow this process, thereby maintaining not just our strength, but also our agility and mobility as well.

Resistance Bands

If you have ever had cause for physiotherapy in your life, you may have been introduced to a length of latex referred to as a ‘resistance band’. But they can be purchased very cheaply in supermarkets, sports shops etc. They often come in different colours, denoting their level of resistance. Bands can also be purchased with handles in place, which can make things easier if grip strength is a problem.

If you are a little shy, then starting at home can be the way to go. If you belong to a gym, then you can incorporate resistance bands into your workout. You may well find that adding some resistance work into your weekly workout schedule, will improve your performance in any other areas of sport that you do. In fact, you can target the band workout for the muscle groups that you use in other sports.

Steady Progress

When you are starting out, it makes sense to use the band with the least residence. It will be thinner and will stretch more easily. As you start to see progression and things get easier, you can switch up to the next band resistance level, so you see steady progression.

Aiming for two strength building sessions each week is a great target. Trying for 10-15 repetitions of each exercise. With a total session time of twenty minutes. As time goes on, you might like to increase the sessions per week, but targeting different areas of the body each time. Letting your different muscle groups rest between workouts.

To get you started you might find watching a workout video is helpful.

From the British Heart Foundation:

From Women’s Health:

5 Reasons to get started with Resistance Bands to Build Strength:

Can be done anytime, anywhere.

Exercises can target every muscle group and body part.

Band exercise can be low intensity and low impact.

It’s great for any age or fitness level.

You can feel your muscles working, and steady progress will be visible.