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Britney Spears - Sagittarius

Britney Spears

The ups and downs of Britney Spear’s life have been well documented across the globe; you only have to look at the other child-stars that she shares the Sagittarian star sign with (Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus) to know that there is a certain life trajectory that they share – unbelievable fame and fortune at a tender age, split family dynamics, troubled relationships and more…But luckily in the case of Britney she has had the support of her family, and her Sagittarian creative drive and the born entertainer within has kept her coming back to work and provided a certain amount of stability in an otherwise complicated world.

When you watch documentaries on Britney, you see how quiet she actually is in real-life, not perhaps what you imagine from a super-star or from a Sagittarian, but you do witness many of the star sign traits in her: she is enthusiastic, fun-loving, always ready – she has a great relationship with her crew and backing dancers and feels most happy and stimulated when she is with friends, seeing new faces and places.

As parents Sagittarians love to instil their children with exploration and travel and Britney is no different, however with her two boys having reached an age of needing more stability and schooling, it is perhaps no surprise that she took up residency in Las Vegas. This will allow her to fight against Sagittarians haphazard discipline style and set down routines. Otherwise it is easy for Sagittarians to be more friend/co-conspirator than parent!

Britney has been kept on a fairly tight rein regarding money with her father still acting as conservator, but to be fair this is a Sagittarius problem through and through – they will enjoy money when it is plentiful, but are not so good at reining things in when it is not. They will often have an attitude of leaving money planning to chance…believing something will turn up…

Above all Sagittarians are highly creative and this is where Britney really shines, she loves nothing more than putting on a show – the bigger the project the better. They want to create an adventure, use their imaginations, and be happy. It’s important that Sagittarians get to self-express, they need stimulation and a degree of freedom to be truly at peace.

Sagittarians are thinkers, and in the case of Britney can be underestimated, but when they are emotionally wounded they prefer to gloss over their emotions. Self-doubt can creep in, when they are badly treated or over looked they are most likely to lash out. They recover the best when left to be enthusiastic and optimistic about something new – let them live in what might be, rather than dwell on the past.

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