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Be More Green: Small changes add up to big things…


Have you promised yourself that you will make even more effort to be ‘green’ this year?

Well, as the saying goes small changes can add up to big things. So, if each of us just makes a little extra effort in our lives, then collectively we will be making a greater difference.

Easy Changes You Can Make Now


Shops and supermarkets are now giving us plenty of ways to buy products ‘loose’, whether that is fruit & vegetables free of plastic packaging. Or dry goods that we can measure into our own containers. Or refillable items in the cleaning/household department. At home you can use more eco friendly wrapping, such as beeswax food wrap.


Finding ways to walk or cycle more – can be great for the environment, your wallet and your health – a triple whammy!


Many of us are guilty of over charging devices like mobiles, and letting TV’s, computers etc stay on standby. It is thought that in the UK households use £277 million pounds worth of electricity in this way each year! Turning off devices saves both electric and CO2 emissions.


It is worth checking back in with your local council, as they are finding new ways to recycle more and more. Make sure you are putting everything out that can possibly be recycled. Get educated on packaging labels and try to reduce buying things that come in wrappers that cannot easily be reprocessed.

Mend and Make Do

Rather than buying new clothes, find ways to repair or alter old clothing that still has life left in it. Think about having clothes swapping party with family and friends. Donate and purchase items that are needed from charity shops.

Think before buying

Before bringing in new possessions into your household, think about whether you could get hold of what you want from an exchange group like For items that you don’t use that often (say, like Hedge Trimmers), think about buying collectively between family and borrowing when needed.

Go old school

Go back and get a milkman who will deliver milk in glass bottles rather than plastic. You might be surprised at what else they can deliver…

Junk Mail

In this day and age junk-mail infuriates many. There are things that you can do to minimise this needless paper arriving, only to go straight in your paper recycling bin:

Quick Fire Thoughts:

Spend less time in the shower.

Switch to sustainable tea bags, and recyclable coffee pods.

Go paperless with banks and business institutions.

Switch to reusable cups for coffee and water on the go.

Switch to LED light bulbs.

Fix leaks & drips around the home.