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Azelaic Acid: Skincare - If you only try one thing…

Azelaic Acid

Do you watch skincare adverts, as celebrities over-annunciate ingredients in skincare, and leave you feeling that although you can say the word and spell the word – you have no idea if you need the product or not?

If you are looking to change up your skincare routine, and you don’t know your Vitamin C, from your BHA to Retinol; then why not start simply with one ingredient? One that is an absolute power-house of capabilities, and suits just about all skin types: Azelaic Acid!

Azelaic Acid

It is unusual to get an ingredient that suits all skin types. It’s also a useful product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it can be used safely during those times. Also, if you suffer from Rosacea or Acne, it can form part of a regime to tackle the problem.

What Does it Do?

It unclogs pores and prevents blemishes.

For evening out skin tone.

For calming redness.

It reduces inflammation.

For tackling pigmentation.

If you have scars from past spots, sun damage, redness – then this is worth adding to your routine.

Generally speaking, Azelaic Acid is useful for helping not just the appearance of our skin; but for improving the texture and more importantly, the health of the skin.


If you are trying a new product or ingredient, it is always sensible to do a patch test, especially with sensitive skin. However, despite the ‘acid’ name; and belonging to the exfoliating category, the ingredient is derived from grains, like barley, rye and wheat.

Generally, we tolerate this ingredient well, as Azelaic Acid is found naturally in our skin – made by one of the yeasts that make up our microbiome.

How to Use Azelaic Acid

It is always good to introduce one new thing at a time and to move slowly, especially if you are using other acids etc in your skincare regime. Start with once, every other day, then daily, and then twice a day if well tolerated.


As with most beauty products, there is a product to suit all budgets. Expensive does not necessarily equal better. You could try The Ordinary; they have a 10% product for £5.50. On the other end of the scale; you have Paula’s Choice – again a 10% product at £37.

If you are struggling with acne or rosacea, it might be worth discussing with your Doctor if Azelaic Acid could help. There is a prescription-grade cream (20%) – marketed as Skinoren, that they might be able to offer.

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