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Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox takes place at 2.29am on the 23rd September 2014 in the UK. The Autumn Equinox celebrates the end of the season of harvest and recognises the nights are drawing in. Sometimes the event known as Harvest Home or Mabon, the date changes each year depending on when the day and night are equal duration.

We celebrate with a Wiccan Poem:

Great mother of the earth

Lord of the hunt and the wild places

We give thanks tonight for the bounty before us

We give thanks for the fruits from the trees

The plants and roots from the earth

And for the animals in the field

We give thanks for the food in our bellies

For clean, pure water

And for being able to draw breath each morning

We give thanks for a sheltering roof

Four strong walls

And a warm hearth

We give thanks for the family that gave us life

For the friends who surround us with love

And for the children who bring us hope

We give thanks for those that have taught us

Those who have sacrificed life and freedom for us

And those who inspire us to better things

For all that is our life, we give thanks

And what we have received from the gods

We must return to those around us

Poem Reference: The Book of Wicca, by Lucy Summers