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If I say astrology to you, you probably immediately think of horoscopes, but in reality the art of divining your future by astrological means goes much further than that. Astrology is made up of two Greek words – astron meaning star and logia meaning study of. Astrology studies the relationship between the planets, the stars and the events that happen to us.

Astrology is in fact one of the oldest forms of divination and is considered an ancient science, the origins can be traced back to many countries such as Egypt, India and China and all of the different cultural aspects of how they practised the art form make up what we think of astrology today.

In our other article we talk about pendulums and the ability to give yes or no answers to specific questions; astrology works at the other end of the spectrum and concentrates on the bigger picture rather than specifics. Having a birth chart done for example can look at your personality traits and can answer things like why you are drawn to certain careers and what would make you happy in a relationship. The birth chart is a complex process of analysing the sign of each planet was in at your time of birth. The date you were born, the time and where you were born will all have an impact. The planets and signs are looked at in combination with houses and angles to give an informed view on the person’s life – their personality, strengths, weaknesses and ongoing prospects will all be revealed.

If you are feeling lost in your life and without a sense of purpose, then having an astrological reading can bring great information and reassurance. It can tie together why a seemingly random set of events have happened and what they mean for you and your future. Sometimes just knowing that things have happened for a reason can give great comfort.