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Archangel Selaphiel

Archangel Selaphiel

Archangel Selaphiel, the angel of prayer, reminds us to pray and to connect to god through prayer. Often depicted in a prayerful posture, hands folded to the chest, Selaphiel portrays the concentration and focus that he encourages people to express when praying to God.

As our primary teacher of prayer, many people call upon Selaphiel as they try to connect to God. Many seek his help because their prayer is suffering from distractions, or absent-mindedness and need guidance in the art of contemplation. Selaphiel motivates people to focus and concentrate on their prayer – portraying their deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions to God, and teaching them to listen carefully to his response. Often, prayer can be one of the hardest things to achieve, and many of us need instructing on how to pray effectively so if you are having difficulty, call on Selaphiels powerful intercession. Aside from prayer, Selaphiel is also thought to heal addiction, helping us make problems with drugs, or alcohol things of the past.

There are a number of ways to call upon Selaphiel, but unsurprisingly, the main way is through prayer. He is thought to present peoples prayers to God, encouraging you to express yourself to the fullest so if you get a sudden urge to pray, it may be that God is sending you the message through Selaphiel. The crystal blue calcite is noted for helping people to connect to Archangel Selaphiels energy, so incorporate it into your prayer.

You will recognise Selaphiels presence through flashes of red light, corresponding to his red aura. He has a warm and regal presence, and you will feel this when he is around – some people note a gentle warmth spreading throughout their chest.

Call upon Selaphiel with this prayer (or something similar):

Selaphiel, I thank God for making you such a powerful blessing to people when they pray. Please help me connect to God and the angels successfully through prayer. Give me the focus I need to block out distractions and concentrate on praying. Motivate me to express my deepest thoughts and feelings to God and the angels in prayer, and to listen carefully for responses from God and the angels. Amen.

Every one of us can connect with Archangel Selaphiel, you will feel his presence, and this will become stronger every time you pray.

Remember to be patient – it will happen!