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Angel & Guides


An Angel…A Guide – Do you believe in them? Have you ever been in a situation where someone has appeared out of the blue and spoken words of wisdom, right when you needed them too?


Signs from your angels and guides can come in many forms – a small white feather, a robin, rainbows, butterflies, oil colours in a puddle, water leaks within your home, dragonflies, lights & lamps flashing on and off, technical issues to name a few…

Angels can come in many shapes and forms, for example: walking past someone in the street and receiving a smile and a feeling of warmth from their eyes, or a shop assistant that just happened to say the right thing at the right time. Once I stopped to give a homeless person in the street some small change, I will never forget his bright pale blue eyes – his energy instantly lifted me. It was like I could see right into his soul for that split second.

Have you ever taken a wrong turn when driving and ended up being late, only to hear you just missed a serious road accident?

Guardian Angel

This could be interpreted as your guardian angels looking out for you…Guardian angels act as messengers between the kingdoms and God. A guardian angel is allocated to you for each life, depending on your level of spiritual growth (because your angel evolves as you do); you may have the same familiar being to watch over you in several lifetimes. One key point to remember is that your guardian angel cannot assist you and guide you without your permission. Due to the law of free will, beings of light can synchronise events so that a solution is available in an emergency, for example a doctor is present in a crisis or a passer-by has a first-aid kit, being thrown clear of an accident and landing softly, there are a million ways in which they might provide support.

We have only one guardian angel which we are born with but we also have ‘helpers’ and ‘guides’. Angels are androgynous, meaning they are neither male or female, they are beyond sexuality. Their purpose is to serve of all that is; their frequency is so light and high that they are usually invisible to humans.


Archangels are very high frequency angels who oversee the guardian angels; there are many different archangels that offer different abilities: healing, protection, courage, clarity, strength – to name a few, for example archangel Michael has a shield and sword of truth to protect and give courage, archangel Gabriel has a white ray of light bringing purification and clarity, archangel Uriel has a ruby coloured cloak, bringing wisdom and peace and archangel Raphael brings healing, happiness and abundance.

Angel of Intention Prayer

If you would like to connect with your angels, then try this prayer of angel intention:

Angels of light, fill my heart with love and respect for all life forms. I am one with the infinite energy of all life; I am gifted and amazing in every way. Allowing radiant energy to shine in all that I do and all that I am, Amen.

I believe that we are all earth angels in our own right; it is our good intent that really matters. If you would like to connect with me for a reading, I would be delighted to hear from you.

With much love and blessings,

By Reader Angel