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Developing Psychic Skills by Anthony, PIN: 8004

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I have been psychic all of my life. So have you! I have done psychic readings for over 30 years even though I never had a formal plan or much training. I just simply asked my Spirit Guides to teach me to be the best psychic that I could possibly be.

The techniques that came to me were like magic and I understood them intuitively. My favourite techniques, of course, have always been the ones that appear to be totally original and that I have never found anywhere else. One of my favourites follows here. It has no name. You can use this technique on yourself or your friends.

If you or your friends are stuck or can’t get a satisfying answer, then you simply say something like this: “Yes! You’re absolutely right. You just cannot get it. Maybe you’re simply not meant to ever get it. Maybe it’s all a bunch of rubbish and maybe you’re just wasting your time. But if you could see it or get it, what would the answer be?” The FIRST answer that comes into your mind is the right answer! A sampling of questions could be: We know that you cannot see this person’s aura but if you could see it what colour would it be? Or it seems certain that you cannot see the past or the future, but if you could, what are some of the things you would see.

In other words, go ahead and make up the answer and act as if it were absolutely factual and real!

It should be obvious by now that you can use this pattern to see nearly anything that you want to. If, for some reason you are still unable to get a good answer, then just try reading at a different time when the energy has changed. There are other methods for strengthening your psychic techniques and abilities as well.

One of the best is to take a few minutes out every day to ask your Spirit Guides to assist you in developing your abilities at a comfortable and sustainable pace. You will notice real changes within a short period of time. Ideas that you never imagined or that you thought were impossible will occur to you and some of them may appear to be “normal” or even “routine.”

The final suggestion that I offer applies not just to the above techniques but to every aspect of psychic work: Always, I repeat always, accept the first impression or answer that you pick up because this will always be the most precise answer that you will ever receive. The first answer is psychic or intuitive. The second or following answers are the mental, logical or rational answers. Remember that psychic and intuitive ideas are generated from a completely different section of our brains than logic. Both logic and intuitive are valid but both are so very different.

Lastly, may I suggest that if you are just learning to open up to your psychic and intuitive side, that you keep your work light and playful. Trust and love yourself, thank your Guides and Angels and tackle the bigger, harder problems later. For now just enjoy yourself!

Love & Light, Anthony