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Seph: Spiritual Healer - PIN: 1369


Seph has been a spiritual healer both absent and present for over thirty years. She discovered her healing ability when travelling with friends on holiday. One friend asked her if she could assist her as she was feeling quite ill all of a sudden. 

Seph’s Friends

Her friend had soreness on her arm, due to a past event involving an old gas cooker, which left her friend with burns across her arm. Seph, held her hands over the burn scars and told her friend to imagine the feeling of snow falling on her skin, each snowflake taking away the pain. Focusing and staying in a trance like state, Seph focused her energy towards the main burn marks and areas of pain. Seph’s other friends watched in wonder, as the concentrated area of pain seemed to become less inflamed and she watched as their friend became more stable. About a week later her friend noticed new skin growing over where her burn marks had been.

Absent Healing

As a reader, Seph will heal and provide absent healing, if permission is given to do so. Over the years she has had many followers, whom Seph calls upon to support her using positive energy. Together with the assistance of Spirit they obtain absent healing whenever possible, for those in need.

Seph has been involved in Spiritualism since childhood, and is a natural born psychic. She is a plain talking Medium, Clairvoyant and Healer, who can connect with people, and delve into their issues through the colours of their aura. Many have said Seph ‘shoots from the hip’, but has a way of making you feel better at the same time.

It’s a Family Thing!

With her family, Seph runs a school in Scotland where they teach psychic development and all things Metaphysical, to give those learning a much clearer understanding of the subjects involved. 


A practising Wiccan, Seph uses her knowledge for the good of all, a reading from Seph will make you feel your path is clearer; apart from that, she is a very understanding lady. Her forte is relationships, but she can deal with problems of any kind. She will get to the bottom of and unravel the toughest issues until you understand it. Seph spares no punches but you get the facts and you make a new friend!