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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is very powerful and the understanding that we create our own reality is vital for the ascension of humanity. However, the delusional misunderstanding that if you just daydream your best-case scenario randomly, that it will appear before you, has caused a lot of misery to students of this law.

It is true that we can create anything that we can think of. But it is also true that we have given ourselves parameters that we are here to overcome and transcend. Within our material circumstances, as we think of a better case scenario, the universe jumps to it, to create what we positively believe can happen. The more we detach from the outcome, the quicker the way to achieve our vision is shown to us. But we must also take steps towards that manifestation. If we don’t, we miss the chance to create.

An Old Story

The old story of the minister on the roof of his church during a flood is the perfect illustration of this:

The minister was patiently waiting to be saved by God. A dinghy passed by and offered a lift. But the minister refused, saying god was going to save him. Then a boat passed by and offered safety. Once again, the offer was refused. Just as the minister was about to drown, with the water surrounding him, a helicopter offered a final hand of hope. But the minister stood firm in his faith. Then he drowned. Upon arriving in heaven and facing his maker, he asked why God didn’t save him. God replied “Well, I arranged a dinghy, a boat, and a helicopter. But you had your own ideas.”

Twin Flames

We don’t want our Twin Flame. We want how that will make us feel. We want to be happy and fulfilled. The same with wealth, fitness or ambition to do, be, or have anything. We are not in search of just the experience, but how it will make us feel. The law of attraction teaching flips things around so that the feeling is the important thing. When visualising whatever we want to create, we imagine it already being here with the associated feeling, and so the law of attraction is put in motion. But we still have to act upon the signs, inspiration, connections, and directions the universe brings us.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Speak or act with a pure mind and happiness will follow you as your shadow, unbreakable.” – Buddha


The more you open your Merkaba, the easier the manifestation process becomes. The deeper in bliss you dive, the quicker whatever you want can materialise.

“The law of attraction is much misunderstood. And it is true that with your thoughts you create the World. However, the reality you experience is dependent upon your level of vibration for how quickly you manifest. For at a lower vibration you are subject to other sentient beings vibration and creation. When your mental body is clear and when you have raised your vibration, you can create whatever you want. When you raise your vibration to the zero point of bliss, things are created very quickly in your reality.” – Metatron, this is the healing book.


Before we do any more creating, it is a good idea to recognise what it is we have already created. Whatever circumstances you are in just now are of your own creation. Whether that is through allowing or deliberate manifestation is irrelevant. The state of our whole world, is a reflection of the level of our collective consciousness and has manifested perfectly in line with that level.

Ascension is about us becoming consciously aware of what we have created and why. Empowering ourselves and others to the truth of our immense power. And then deliberately transforming ourselves, which in turn transforms the world.

By Reader Robbie – PIN: 3443.