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Summerland - Part 2


If you missed the first part of this post, where one of our readers imagines heaven then click here first.

All seen in a brief moment – a second in time, a heartbeat, a breath…

I hear their song still now in my mind, as I recall that moment, and the feeling of absolute belief that it brings to me is overpowering and wonderful. They did have one message for me though; it was that this special place was only revealed to those who were willing to walk the path, to purify them enough that Paradise became something truly attainable to them.

Life is meant to be mysterious and its mysteries the key to understanding life. Mystery makes us, or even forces us to trust and have hope. Trust and hope are very powerful energies; in fact they are the keys to Paradise, where it touches us here on our earthly plane.

Is Summerland around us now, in the corners of our eyes? Or is that meant to be a mystery? I believe the majesty of this portal experience has affected me deeply and I’m starting to see these gateways to the land of eternal sunshine everywhere I go. I feel the slow steady motion of the angelic people walking with me now as I write. They move as if in a slow dance, stepping gently but with reverence and grace, moving forwards surrounded by a haze of golden sunshine and light reflections.

All great psychics use the ability to fuse imagination with Spirit or aura colourings and light beings. Try it for yourself. All you have to do to share in this new gift is allow people to absorb the presence of the divine mysteries that surround us in this age of renewal.

Magic and majesty, mystery and power. Beings of light in the fields of eternal Summer. Or, if you like, with visions of the starry starry night and the call of the adventurous, fearless, astral companions that explore the forests, rivers and streams that await us.

Our ancestors know, for they await us in the land of eternal light, where we can play in the dominion of the divine. In fields of wild flowers, as far as the eye can see.