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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

From a young age we are introduced to the concept of having a guardian angel, another-earthly being that will offer us both protection and guidance in times of trouble.

Angel Hierarchy

As humans, we hold them with high-esteem, in their protective role of us and our loved ones. Which is quite ironic, as in terms of angel rankings they are in fact on the lowest rung for ‘heavenly power’!

Shared Destiny

It is thought that when we are first born, we are assigned a guardian angel, and they will in actuality incarnate with us through all of our journeys. Our angel will evolve, just as we grow and develop, and together we will have a shared purpose.

Guardian Angel Protection

One of the duties of a guardian angel is to steer us away from negativity, instead channelling light towards us, so that we may be inspired.

Guardian angels cannot however shield us from all bad things happening, so when we go through tough life events, they bring through comfort.

A bit like a God-parent, another task of a guardian angel is to bring the person closer to God. They do this through prayer, and by offering enlightenment.


It is not unusual for people to first feel the presence of a guardian angel when they are suffering the most, maybe in grief, if they are in danger, or if they are feeling depression and sadness.

However, for some people it will be the opposite, and they will experience the angelic realm when they are at their most inspired and feeling joyful.


Guidance comes from a guardian angel only when we seek it, even then the advice can be ignored. Your free-will is never in jeopardy. The angel is more there to play devils advocate, so that you can play out any scenario and decide what will be for the greater good.