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Autumn Offer & Ogham Divination – Part 1

Ogham Alphabet

Autumn Offer

Before we get going with this week’s blog post, I wanted to tell you about a Special Offer that we will be running in October 18.

Due to some technical difficulties during the last week, some of you may have experienced problems accessing our services.

And as such, we wanted to extend an offer to you, by way of an apology for the inconvenience this has caused, and as thank you for your patience whilst we got things sorted.

So, the Offer:

In October 2018 a 20-minute credit card reading will cost just £27.95

Saving you £5.00 on every call!

To use the offer, call Freephone:

0808 156 4933 & Quote ‘OCT18’

You can use the discount code as many times as you like during the offer period.

The offer is available 9am – Midnight until 31st October 2018. £27.95 for the first 20 minutes, £1.50 per minute thereafter. At all other times the cost will revert to normal: £32.95 for the first 20 minutes, £1.50 per minute thereafter. All calls are recorded. Readings are for entertainment only. 18+ or over. Customer Care:0808 156 0022.

Ogham Divination – Part 1

The Celts had an interesting way of divining the future; they would carve symbols onto wooden sticks, each stick would come from a different tree variety, and would each relate to a letter of the ‘Ogham Alphabet’, the symbols were carved along the central axis and were made up of short lines. Once complete the sticks were used in a very similar way to Runes to divine the future.

The symbols were known as ‘Sigil’, each one representing a guardian spirit that could be called upon for advice. There are twenty sigil’s that make up the alphabet.

If you want to make an Ogham alphabet set yourself, then draw the symbols onto pieces of card, or even onto lolly sticks that you can purchase from craft stores.

When you are ready to ask your question, you can just choose to draw one random stick and interpret that sticks wording as your answer. For a more thorough look at your problem, it is better to randomly choose three sticks. Place the sticks in a vertical line, the first stick is concerned with the past – think of this as the roots of the tree. The second stick represents things that need your attention in the present – think of this as the trunk of the tree. The last and third stick, signifies your future or the likely outcome to the question you are posing – think of this as the branches and foliage of the tree.

Ogham Alphabet Tree Interpretations


Alder – Fearn: Self Protecting & Shielding, take courage and self-assurance from the Alder.

Apple – Quert: This stick is all about your spiritual journey and being your whole most authentic self – heal your soul!

Ash – Nuin: You are strong, you can be resilient – let the Ash tree empower you.

Aspen – Eadha: Change is afoot, as a threshold tree Aspen signifies the gateway between the dead and the living. Don’t interpret this as death, but as transition is near.

Birch – Beith: It will seem as if negative energies have been magically lifted away and new beginnings fall in the space.

Come back next week to explore the rest of the Ogham Alphabet.