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Astrological Candles


What you may not realise is that each birth sign is associated with colours and that each sun sign colour can refer to a quality or strength. Burning a candle of that particular colour when the strength is needed is incredibly powerful. The great thing is that you do not have to burn the candle associated with your own sign, you can burn the colour of the strength that you need, but it will always be more powerful during its own sun period.

To gain personal strength, identity and confidence burning the candle on a significant date to that person is thought to enhance the process. This could be a birthday, an anniversary or even a special day like Bonfire Night.

Candles representing star signs of two people in a relationship can also be lit; this is especially useful for long-distance relationships where the candle transmits love to the absent partner.

Find your star sign and corresponding candle colour:

Aries – Red – Courage

Taurus – Pink – Patience

Gemini – Pale Grey/Yellow – Versatility

Cancer – Silver – Hidden Potential

Leo – Gold/Orange – Power/Energy

Virgo – Green/Pale Blue – Perfectionist

Libra – Blue/Violet – Balance

Scorpio – Burgundy/Red – Insight

Sagittarius – Yellow/Orange – Clear Direction

Capricorn – Brown/Black – Perseverance

Aquarius – Indigo/Dark Blue – Independence

Pisces – White/Mauve – Intuition

Ref: Encyclopaedia of Magic & Ancient Wisdom