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Build Your Self-Esteem


The most powerful blocks preventing us from being happy are low self-worth, reduced confidence and poor self-esteem. When all of these things combine, you can find yourself in a spiral of negative thought. You are probably highly critical of yourself, full of self-doubt and your general thoughts are just charged with discouragement.

But all is not lost, taking a mindful approach you can begin to dissolve away the negative thoughts and chatter in your head and grow your self-esteem once more…

Firstly, how do you recognise that your self-esteem is low?

You probably think of yourself in negative terms: I’m too lazy, fat, clumsy, stupid, shy [insert adjective here].

Do you bat away and reject any type of complement?

If something doesn’t happen – which could be as simple as a friend not phoning – do you blame yourself?

Do you spend a lot of time assuming you are to blame for something?

Do you lose confidence at work or in social situations – anywhere you think you are being judged?

If these above points sound like you, then try this six-point plan to use mindfulness to slow down your habitual thinking and negative self-talk and turn it around to boost your confidence:

Mistakes – Accept that you will make them, everybody does, treat yourself with compassion, just as you would others, learn from any mistakes and move on.

Challenges – Learn to embrace a challenge, meet it head on, don’t indulge the negative and unhelpful worries in your mind – push through.

Success – Don’t approach any issues or challenges as a way to correct the past, concentrate on the moment, and being successful at whatever you are embarking on now.

Yourself – Be mindful of who you are and what you want, take opportunities open to you, that are right for you and don’t make decisions based on what you think other people need or want for you.

Celebrate – Do things that you are good at, and celebrate your successes. Other people do not need to understand it, it is about boosting your confidence by allowing yourself to feel accomplished and practised at something.

Contribute – Don’t sit on the side-lines, have ideas – and share them, don’t be afraid of what others might think, or about whether you are getting things right or wrong. Think less and do more. Making a contribution will boost your self-worth.

Being afraid of failure, keeps us from realising our true potential, so use these building blocks to a brighter and more confident and fulfilled future.

Ref: Practical Mindfulness